The hottest fire tempers the hardest steel.

We are the startup accelerator you've been looking for...right in Akron, Ohio.

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Are you a coder? Do you have a great app idea? The Bit Factory is here for you. Entrepreneurs need a helping hand sometimes; if you are founding a software startup and are looking for the right mentors, network, collaboration, and possibly funding, find out more about how The Bit Factory can work with you.


The Bit Factory believes fully in collaboration and cooperation; an entrepreneurial environment like Silicon Valley didn’t build itself, it was augmented, nurtured, and developed over time. The team at The Bit Factory truly believes this to their very core; find out more about who is leading this charge here in Akron.


The Bit Factory seeks to build real, seasoned entrepreneurs through augmentation. Akron is a great place to start a company, especially a software startup. The team at The Bit Factory is more than the mentors and managers, it is the clients themselves, which you can find out more about by visiting this page.